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The impact to the London from the preparative for Olympic Gme in Essay

The impact to the London from the preparative for Olympic Gme in London 2012 - Essay ExampleThere atomic number 18 several parameters which will come crossways direct impact of the 2012 London Olympics. The impacts of preparation of London Olympics are described as followsThe London Olympics and Paralympics 2012 will use both the existing facilities as head as the latest new architectural wonders such as Olympic park and Olympic stadium (Construct UK, 2005). The whole process is developed keeping in mind that no white elephants are created period carrying out 2012 Olympics projects. This is also called as 2012 legacy.The Olympic park(Newman, P. 2007) is being developed on a wasteland near Stratford, which is claimed to be the biggest engineering and construction project in Europe. Significant cleaning up of the 2.5 sq. km contaminated land is already in progress.After the Olympiad is over , the Olympic park will be transform into an urban park which will be the largest in Europe. The other venues such as aquatics centre, hockey centre and the multi sports arena will lead to the general development of sports infrastructure in UK. Some of the sports facilities like ExCeL in Newham (which will host Weightlifting, Boxing, Judo, Wrestling, Tae Kwondo and Table Tennis competitions), O2 in Greenwich (Gymnastics) Greenwich Arena (will host Badminton and cadenced Gymnastics), Horse Guards Parade (Beach Volleyball) and Wimbledon (Tennis) already exists and need only some renovation.While developing the new venues and infrastructure it was necessary to purchase and demolish some billet and private sites and properties. This has led to some controversy as the proprietors complained of inadequate compensation.Thus the overall infrastructure development taken place is really beneficial in the presbyopic acquit for the development of UKImpact on transportThe need to get the entire Olympic family as well as the spectators safely and on time to the venue has led to the proposal of improvement in the existing transport placement. The main aim is to complete the games related transport improvement discipline well before 2012 so that people can enjoy the benefits before, during and after the Olympics. The Lower Lea Valley will be transformed into one of the ruff connected areas in the capital, in accordance with the transport improvement plans, thus bringing economic and social benefits. East London will see long term benefits as a result of this. Rail lines, stations and platforms are being upgraded which will serve the public interest in the long run even after the games are over. The London Undergrounds East London Line is being expanded the Docklands Light Railway and the North London Line are being upgraded. The new Javelin high-speed rail service, using Hitachi bullet trains is being introduced for the fastest surface transit. Buses The iBus with automated vehicle control systems and a comprehensive communication system will be introduced b y end 2008. These buses are particularly helpful to aged, disabled and foreign tourists who have language problems as these are equipped with strait visual systems for information on upcoming bus stop, live information on board the buses.River transport The inland

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