Saturday, June 15, 2019

Ernest hemingways failed relationships during his life greatly Research Paper

Ernest hemingways failed relationships during his life greatly affected the way that he wrote about women in his stories - Research Paper ExampleHe always associated dark and negative powers with women. He has described time and again accomplished women in his short stories most of these characters are the fictional representatives of the women he met in his real life. His second wife, Pauline and fourth wife Mary Welsh, worked for the Vogue and the Time magazines, respectively. His mother and wives were all accomplished women, but Hemingway could not sustain his relationships with them.Hemingways initial need to see each of his four wives as an ideal figure contributed to the destruction of these marriages, for no real woman could always behave as such an ideal mustBut after each failed marriage Hemingway began again his search for the Queen of Heaven, the ideal woman, a search that he reassert by nostalgic reference to the golden age of his relatively brief first marriage with Had ley RichardsonHemingways relationships with women thus see-sawed between chivalric adoration of the vatic ideal and subsequent contempt when the woman proved other than ideal. (Moreland, 198)He believes that women are endowed with destructive powers the power to annihilate the physical, mental and aroused aspects of men and of society in general. Women either got this negative energy and power from their wealth or beauty. He represents women as killers, bitches, cunning and manipulative beings. In The unawares Happy Life of Francis Macomber, Margot plays the role of a murderess that cheats on her husband unashamedly. She is drawn towards both men for different reasons her husband, Francis because he provides her the luxuries of her life and Wilson, the white hunter whom she thinks as very handsome and sexually attractive. She makes sexual advances on him in the presence of her husband by kissing him on his mouth, as a tribute to his bravery and skill at hunting. Earlier, her hus band had behaved cowardly at shooting, and in order to insult him she admires the white

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