Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Ad Agency Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Ad Agency - Assignment ExampleThe company experienced high download rates indoors days after the release of the advertisement. In my own view, it was an excellent program since the customers had the ability to control different aspects of the songs including the volumes, and rhythm. I believe it was a success.Question triad Do you think electronic promotions will eventually overtake traditional grocery storeing like TV, print, etc.? Why or why not? occupy use a reasoned approach to your answer. In other words, think of things we have talked about in class throughout the semester and use those concepts to justify your answer. This isnt to be just your opinion but an informed prediction.Answer Yes, I believe that electronic promotions will eventually overcome traditional marketing such as print and televisions. Social changes such as increase in computer literate consumers and high access to the internet will eventually shift the market to electronic markets. Electronic promotions such as use of You Tube and other social networking platforms overcomes the location barriers associated with traditional marketing channels like print. Many jr. people spent more time on the internet whether during work or relaxing like playing online music and reading thus digital markets can reach a large market share of potential

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