Thursday, May 2, 2019

Twilight of the idols by Friedrich Nietzsche Essay

Twilight of the idols by Friedrich Nietzsche - Essay ExampleNietzsche viewed Christianity as a diachronic irony because of the way the Christian church developed in opposition to the Evangel and the early Christianity. He continues to criticize Christianity as anti-natural as he argues that mankind has developed into a weak and sickly flake of human being out of fear which is as a result of Christianity. Mankind has become bollocks and depraved off its highest values therefore losing its sense thus preferring what is harmful to it. He blames Christianity for restructuring the human instinct and demonizing it to a stronger and higher being. The Christianity teaching of the original sin depraved humans of their intellectual strength and created a weak version of human kind due to the spiritualization of passion.Nietzsche claims that Christianity and its morality are based on fiction (Nietzsche, p20). The morals of the Christian religion are built around hatred for nature. He argues that Christian God reflects decadence and if Christians would exude confidence and strength, their God would be destructive as well as good (Nietzsche, p21). The Christian God is a declaration of war against life, against nature and the will to live (Nietzsche, p23).Nietzsche illustrates how the force out of Christianity spiritualization of passion led to the revolt against the Judaic priesthood. Christianity denounced the Jewish church and largely opposed to nature, earthly concern and greatly negated it. The Jewish people were holy and chosen according to Nietzsche but Christianity anti-nature is clearly depicted with their dissatisfaction with the Jewish priests and

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