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Travel report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Travel report - Essay ExampleKilometers (Madeline 6).Summers atomic number 18 scorch and dry, and winters are trivial. Most of the rain falls during November-February. Temperatures rise to 30 C in midsummer, but the brisk up breeze cools the air. The sunny and warm coastal are ideal for tourists. Most of the fruits, cotton, vegetables, tobacco and grain are grown on the coast (Madeline 7-8).Turkeys commonwealth is about 65 million. Majority of the population is extremely young with 30 percent of the population under 15 years. 40 per cent of the citizens alive in the state side though there have been a move to town in large numbers lately. Population density is premier on the business, industrial and tourist areas of the Aegean, Marmara and the Mediterranean regions and last on the rural areas of the southwest Turkey (Madeline 11).The first chief conglomerate was built by Hittites which came to an repeal when Turkish people dominated Anatolia which saw the development and gro wth of the Ottoman Empire. During gentlemans gentleman War 1, the empire entered into alliance with Germany, and it was defeated and occupied. This transformed the politics of the country. It prompted the beginning of a nationalist movement which repelled the occupying armies and liberated the country. During World War II, it became a chartered member of United Nations. It political system is based on insulation of powers among the Constitution, Executive and Parliament. The president is elected by the Grand National Assembly every seven years (Madeline 13-15).Turkey has a varied ending resulting from various elements of Ottoman Empire, European and Islamic traditions. Turkish culture has significantly changed from the religion driven Ottoman Empire to the modern nation state with an extremely inflexible separation amongst state and religion.Because of diverse historical features playing domineering role in defining Turkish Identity, it culture is an indispensable amalgamation o f clear struggles to be modern and Western,

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