Saturday, May 11, 2019

Music Trends Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Music Trends - Essay ExampleI believe that sampling is a positive thing in modern music. Sampling has gained a negative connotation among some hoi polloi who argue that it is merely plagiarizing another(prenominal) peoples work or creations. Instead, sampling constitutes a means of creating new and crossbreeding forms of art. When one considers all forms of innovation there is the recurrent theme of onetime(prenominal) material being remixed or reimagined into new forms. Sampling then allows musicians to take complete advantage of digital technology and implement past styles and songs in the creation of new forms of musical expression. In some situations musicians should be required to pay other musicians for the use of their material. I believe that have a regulatory environment that places a strong accent on copyright infringement is not in the best interest of society. When independent or microscopical scale musicians run the risk of a fine or lawsuit for sampling another m usicians music, then the legal system is too restrictive. However, in situations when the musician sampling the music is already well-established and there is significant monetary gain that is achieved, then I believe the law should be active agent in instituting regulations.

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