Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mise-en-scene Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Mise-en-scene - Essay ExampleMise en scene hence is the collection of all much(prenominal) elements from characterization to their delivery which have the highest regard in stage settingThe recent block feller movies American Hustle and the Wolf of Wall Street although had many similarities and differences was much of a battle against da Vinci Di Caprios acting against the versatility of Christian Bale. There are many comparisons that can be made in both movies in respect to the story line, visual style characterization etc but both movies set aside premium quality of movie time. The major comparison that is to be put in mind is the fable VS non-fiction in terms of themes. The Wolf of Wall Street is based on a real aliveness story whereas American Hustle is a fiction movie. Throughout the comparison of the two movies there are techniques used for the viewer to understand their meaning. This is done through character placing in the frame and the detailing of which is explained fu rther.establish on the memoir, the Wolf of Wall Street theme is based on the con artist and his assembly of friends he trains towards becoming stock brokers who sell penny stocks. The theme is based entirely towards becoming flush in the booming Wall Street economy in the 80s. Jordan Belforts 22 months in prison produced such a great memoir that when applied into screenplay gave one of the best productions. The movie emergence as Jordan tries to move from a low level life towards being engaged as a small level stock broker in the heart of New York City from where the company collapses and he is left with no earnings. Trying to find a job he then joins the suburban chemical group of people who try to lazily sell the penny stocks of companies who are never able to make it to the chief(prenominal) market.Through his persuasion skills, he is then able to make a profitable account by selling penny stocks and then starts to set up his own team. Now being involved in

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