Friday, May 24, 2019

Does School Matter? Essay

It is important that e very(prenominal) person in every race, gender and social class be educated by going to school to get down more successful in achieving higher goals, better jobs and personal fulfillment. By going to school and obtaining a good education, each individual will be able to seek out higher paying jobs for a better way of life. We personify in an era where going to school and graduating is extremely important. We live in an age that encourages everyone to attend school, in order to propel through life more easily with the proper skills to gain employment that will be most crucial in determining ones lifestyle.Today, people from all races, classes and genders argon able to go to school in America to wrick educated, equally. When enrolling in school, one does not get denied access to an education because of the color of their skin and although an individual may come from a poor family or neighborhood, they arent turned away from a proper education but are given the same opportunity as a person from the most esteemed and wealthiest families and areas.Learning is a means for all people great and small to attend a common ground where each person house swindle and grow and decide what type of job they want to perform in their career and can grow from a low social class to the very highest. Education is the key element in determining where a person will go during their life and by going to school and gaining the most from what they are taught by their teachers, they will be able to soar high and become intelligent and important leaders in the workforce. To be the very best you can be, school is most important

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