Monday, May 13, 2019

Dealing with culture change Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Dealing with culture change - Research Paper ExampleDefined as the scientific study of human behavior and processes under diverse cultures, (Adler and Gielen 4) Cross-cultural Psychology delves more on behavioral transformations of an soul when placed in a culturally foreign environment than on the cultural differences of nations. close to of the common types of cultural change effects on an individual are on the emotional state, beliefs and practices, personality, loving behavior and relations, interpretation of everyday languages as well as relationship with family. New geographical surroundings, foreign languages as well as strange customs and other intercultural contact and changes that may cause problems for an individual can collectively be called as culture shock.Culture shock may be traced to past negative events, minimal social support and differences in human values. (Furnham, Bochner 177) Negative life-events take on inability to know with new environment due to pr evious physical illness and psychological ailment. Negative events also include abrupt changes in environment and situations, traumatic occurrences such as extremely embarrassing experiences. (Furnham, Bochner 178) Physical and affable illness that weaken the coping mechanism of an individual include tuberculosis, depression, splutter diseases, cancer and heart diseases (Furnham, Bochner 178) since these ailments work to bring patients depression and stigma. Some examples would be a former tuberculosis patient, a person detriment from a heart disease and a person with marks due to a previous skin disease. For a person who has been cleared of tuberculosis, the individual would always be on guard in allowing tidy sum to know of this previous medical record thus would lead to a limited social fundamental interaction for the former tuberculosis patient.An individual who has a heart disease, given the condition of his health, would most of the time be irritable and sometimes undergo es self-pity for his condition. Irritability brought

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