Thursday, May 9, 2019

Conjunctiva in Contact Lens Wear Research Proposal

Conjunctiva in Contact Lens Wear - Research Proposal ExampleIn a study conducted by Aragona P, Ferreri G, Micali A, Puzzolo D. in 1998 to detect the morphological changes of the conjunctival epithelium in linkup lens wearers evaluated by impression cytology, it was found that jail cellularity, nucleus to cytoplasm ratio and goblet cell statistical distribution were altered. In a nonher study by Knop E, Brewitt H. in 1992 , where they discovered using the impression cytology technique on contact lens wearers that enlargement of the conjunctival cells took place as well as flattening of their cells. They also far-famed a decrease in the number of goblet cells. The late finding was contrary to what Connor C.G., Campbell J.B., Steel S.A., murder J.H. have found in 1994 of an increase of goblet cells in daily contact lens wearers. As the conjunctiva has an important functional demand on the eye helping in keeping the eye moist and its cleansing military force through tears, it is th us an important first defence against debris and pathogens. Direct in vivo observation of the conjunctiva at a cellular level using the confocal microscope is likely to provide important newfound insights into the impact of contact lens wear on the ocular surface.This study is aimThis study is aimed to conclude results from in vivo inquiry of those contact lens wearers. The significance of this research is to give more focused results on the effect of contact lenses contributing to add more knowledge to this specific aspect and whether or not some(prenominal) compromisation of the conjunctiva takes place.Please add a new paragraph as follows-Program of research and investigation - under(a) this heading, I would like you to write aboutTo Clearly State the research problem, research key questions, cuneus question or hypotheses or key issues that will be tested or addressedThis research will perform its investigation to describe the possible effects of lens wearing on 20 candidates to discuss the conjunctival hazardous effects (if present) and either confirm or deny the hypothesis in question. Inspection will be done at a cellular level to further study any changes that may occur in the conjunctiva cells including epithelial cells, goblet cells and cellular density.According to Adar S, Kanpolat A, Surucu S, Ucakhan OO 1997 Epithelial changes were mention to be more frequent and more severe in symptomatic patients than in those without any complaints. moon about JW, Shin KC, Lee HJ, Wee WR, Lee JH, Kim MK. 2006 also found that The ocular surface changes in keratoconus may be directly related to contact lens wearThe hypothesis is that contact lenses do not produce any significant effect on the conjunctiva, mainly superficial conjunctival epithelial cell density (it is unclear whether this would be an increase or decrease) and results in a decrease in

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